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b0ddah's Journal

Negative Creeps
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This community is Nirvana community. (stating the obvious is fun, kids.) Post, well, anything having to do with the band I 'spose.

If you're one of those people who are like to write intelectually stimulating posts saying things such as "OMG! Kurt waz so hott! I luv him sooo much!" One message; plain and simply - fuck off. Obviously I cannot speak on the behalf of Cobain but somthing tells me he would probably rather be remembered for his music, not his physical apperance. If you have nothing of substance to contribute - then don't.

One other thing I advise you not to do is to start pointless fights like "Courtney killed Kurt!!" and then once people, such as myself, get annoyed at you for repeating what we've heard 100 times before you post a link to a site such as cobaincase.com in your defense. We've heard it all already. Unless you have something new and informative to contribute, once again, don't. Let people make up their minds for themseles. That chances of someone changing their opinion because you made a stupid post saying something along the lines of either "KURT WAS MURDERED!" or "IT'S OBVIOUS KURT KILLED HIMSELF" are very slim indeed.

But, more importantly than discussing his death, how about someone actually talks about his bands music which should be the real focus here anyway.